What Makes a Good Swimming Lesson?

Having a great swimming lesson!

 The qualities of a good swimming instructor will help you source which swimming school to send your child to. Being a swimming coach is no easy task and can be quite challenging at times. Let’s find out what are some of the qualities that make really great teachers excel?

Competency in Teaching Swimming

In Singapore, all swimming instructors are required to take a sequential series of tests that include lifesaving, sports science, coaching and CPR and AED certifications before they are able to get a permit to teach swimming. Always check if the swimming instructor or school you are sending your child to is qualified with demonstrated competency in teaching swimming. Certifications are a great way to determine that. A swimming instructor should also always be continuing his or her education in swimming to keep things fresh. 

Right Concept of Coaching

Always makes sure that you are receiving great quality education using the right concept of coaching. A good swimming lesson is to keep direct and systematic; especially when the student is just starting out. Being direct/systematic towards the progress of swimming also makes it easier for students to understand what they are doing right or wrong. A good swimming instructor should always strive to keep lessons interesting and appropriate while being organized and going through their class structure methodically. 

Experience and Proof of Concept 

Some parents prefer teachers who have more experience in teaching. Knowledge gained through experience is far superior and many times more enlightening than being great at swimming. Some teachers are great swimmers but are unable to emphasize with beginners. A truly great teacher will tailor and place himself in the students’ shoes while also speaking and guiding in beginners’ lingual.

Great Class Management

In a group class setting, there is a tendency for instructors to leave out students while he or she is busy guiding others. After all, it is hard to pay attention to a big group of students in a big pool. Not only does a swimming instructor need to teach effectively, he or she is also responsible for the safety of all his students and that’s not an easy task to manage. An experienced teacher will know how to keep all of his or her students engaged throughout class and that will will take years and years of practice. An good swimming coach knows how to be patient and proactive, alert to why certain mistakes are made. The classes should also keep students constantly active and engaged throughout the session.

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