Why Beginner Swimming Lessons Are Essential to Learn Swimming

Family Swimming

Summer is here and you might want to take your family out to the beach or to the pool to swim. If your child does not know how to swim just yet, this is a great opportunity for him or her to start. We have compiled all the information regarding swimming classes in Singapore and its benefits. We recommend that you start teaching your children how to swim at an early age.

The right age to learn how to swim

It is best for a child to learn swimming at the age of 4 – 6 year old. This age range is the best for children to familiarize themselves with the aquatic environment before learning how to fully swim.

**As tempting as it is to kick start your child’s swimming journey, try not to bring them to the pool too early. There are vapors that are released from chlorine in swimming pools which might deem harmful to a baby’s wellbeing.

Finding a swimming school with the right coaching methodology

Swimming coaches have different approaches when it comes to instruction. Your child’s development under water highly depends on the coach that you pick and the method they use. Ask yourself if your child learns better with an instructor who is more stoic and strict or someone who has an easy going personality. What are the personality traits you need in your instructor for your child to figure the best of his or her ability? Once you have decided, enroll your child in a swimming trial class and assess the coaches’ method, style, and ability. Feel free to come down for an absolutely free swimming lesson trial to witness The Swim Starter’s coaches in action. The Swim Starter boasts versatile lessons catered to all levels and the school’s teaching methodology has proven a great success. A good coach will always motivate your child to be the best that he or she can be. When the child improves, the coach will give them credit and inspire them to do better. With constant encouragement and support, children swimmers are able to believe in themselves and excel.

Swimming Tests

In Singapore, it is a requirement for every child to know essential life-saving skills and learning how to swim is one of them. It is mandatory for all Singaporean children to past a basic swimming test to show that they are able to survive in water.  In order to gauge their progress in the water, we need to measure their knowledge and ability through different learning stages. It would be good to find a swimming school that offers tests to evaluate your child’s performance. By doing so, you not only assess your child’s knowledge gains and gaps, but you can also monitor whether the coaches’ method of teaching has been effective. The Swim Starter is the only swim school in Singapore that guarantees a swimming test in just 6 months of learning. We provide swimming coaching for kids at Toa Payoh, Pasir Ris, and Hougang. Try our free swimming class trial now!
There is so much you can do as a family once your kids are comfortable in the water. These activities are not limited to Kayaking, Canoeing, Scuba Diving, Surfing, Triathlons, and Yachting.
Give your child a chance to swim. If your child begins early, he or she will gain a life skill that is rarely forgotten!

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