Children lying on their tummies and kicking water in shallow pool


With Learning Checklists and a Lesson Plan designed for your child,
you know that your child is in the right hands.

Swimming Coach assisting child with board in 
            group swimming lesson

Swimming Coach assisting child with board in 
                    group swimming lesson

Beginner Level

Catered specifically for children with No Experience, the beginner lesson introduces the basics in the Shallow Pool of 0.4 Metres. In the next half of the lesson, your child will be introduced to the Deep Pool and complete a checklist of tasks. Upon completion, your child will progress to the Adv. Beginner Stage.

Shallow Pool

Introduction to kicking techniques

Introduction to air exchange

Introduction to bubbling

Children learning kicking techniques while having fun in shallow pool

Deep Pool

Introduction to board balancing

Introduction to submerging

Introduction to holding breath

Young child board balancing in deep pool with coach’s guidance

What to expect of your child during lessons:

Walking while attempting to balance on the board

Fear of the deep pool

Fear of submerging

Targeted end results:

Confident in entering the deep pool

Confident in submerging underwater

Upon completion of the Beginner’s Checklist, your child will proceed to our Advanced Beginner Level, where lessons are conducted in the deep pool of 1.8 Metres.

Child swimming in deep pool wearing back and arm floats

Advanced Beginner Tryout

In order to familiarise your child with the deep pool, we use back and arm floats to provide Additional Safety and Assurance.
Our goal is to prepare your child for Breaststroke in the Deep Pool, without the use of swim aids.

Learning Checklist

With a Systematic setup for your child, your child will learn the basics of the Breaststroke Arm Pull.

Coordination of arm, breathing and leg exercises

Prolonged underwater bubbling

Less Reliance on swim aids

Swimming coach assists child in the breaststroke technique 
                    by guiding the child's arms and legs

What to expect of your child during lesson:

Holding onto walls of the pool for assistance

Fear of submerging head in water

Fear of exhaling bubbles through nose

Targeted end Results:

Exhaling of air bubbles through nose and inhaling through mouth Independently.

Perform kick techniques while Balancing on the board.

Upon completing the Advanced Beginner’s Learning Checklist , your child will now attempt to Swim 25 Metres

Advanced swimming lessons where children 
                    swim 25m unassisted in deep pool

Swim 25m unassisted

With the foundations established, your child will Progressively attempt to swim up to a distance of 25 Metres.
Upon completion, your child is able to ensure Water Safety at all times. They will then undergo bi-annual Swimsafer Tests, which is the Only Swimming Program recognised by the Ministry of Education.

Structured Lessons

With the help of swim aids and progressive Milestones, your child will be Guided Safely towards the goal of Swimming 25 Metres without the use of floats:

Swim 15m with Backfloats and Arm Floats

Swim 15m without Backfloat

Swim 25m without any floats

What to expect of your child during lesson:

Coordination of arm and leg movements

Holding onto walls of the pool for assistance

Progressive Milestones leading up to 25 Metres

Targeted end Results:

Breaststroke swim for 25 Metres (Half Pool)

Ability to Thread Water

With the foundations established, your child is ready to learn More Kinds of swimming strokes, such as Freestyle and participate in our bi-annual swimming tests.

Water Safety Certificate awarded to children 
                    after their group swimming lessons

Swimming Tests

In accordance with the Swimsafer Syllabus, your child is required to undergo the preparation of the Swimsafer 2.0 program, a Nationwide Recognised Certificate, which is initiated by Sports Singapore. These certificates may be requested by public schools and also water sports that your child may be interested in the future. Most importantly, you are assured of a Proper Lesson Plan in place for your child.

Lesson Fees

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4 lesson plan

1 hour session


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4 lesson plan

1 hour session


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